Thursday, July 11, 2019

Swimming Pool Lifts for the Disabled

When done regularly, swimming is a healthy exercise that will work just about all of the muscle groups.
Not only does this exercise increase muscle power, but it also is one of the best endurance builders
available and it’s low impact. Despite its benefits, not everyone can get into the pool easily, which is
why swimming pool lifts for the disabled can really make a difference.

What Are Pool Lifts?

These nigh-miraculous inventions are designed to help the disabled more easily make their way into the
pool. If you're disabled as a result of injury, illness or age, a lift is a great way to utilize the water to keep
your muscles in great shape. They function similarly to bath and shower lifts; that is, they are designed
to mechanically lower a person into a pool of water and raise them up again when it's time to come out.

While lifts can be designed to be permanent and installed on a pool, these types are usually the kinds
that are found in professional facilities with multiple disabled pool users. Instead, the most common form
of pool lift is the kind that is designed to be somewhat portable so that the person using it can enter into
their pool where they want.

Usually, these lifts use hydraulics in order to raise and lower you comfortably into and out of the pool, and
ideally, they will be comfortable for just about any user.

The Benefits of a Good Pool Lift

It cannot be overstated that one of the top advantages of a lift is the fun factor – swimming is very
enjoyable, and these devices make pools that were once inaccessible accessible again. There are plenty
of fun activities that a physically challenged person can do while in a pool, so let's take a look at a few:

  • Hand Pool Walking: This is an exercise that you can do in shallow water. Those with mobility issues in their legs will find that this will help build muscles in the upper body, and it's very fun! Simply start at the shallow end of the pool, and place your hands directly in front of you on the ledge or top edge of the long side of the pool. Move your hands slowly down the pool so you’re “‘walking”’ with your hands down to a depth that is comfortable, and then back! 
  • Play Catch: If there's another person around, simply tossing floaties is a great way to have some fun and refresh the muscles.
  • Water Resistance Aerobics: One of the coolest aspects of being in the water is that the water provides a natural source of resistance. As a result, doing exercises like curls will provide you with genuine and fun training.

Stress Relief

As we age, life can become very stressful, and a good trip to the pool can help alleviate some of the
pent-up stress that can occur. Not only will the occasional bout of horseplay help reduce any built-up
tension, but there are also several aquatherapy-based meditative practices that can really help clear
the mind. You'd be amazed at how much just a quick swimming session can make things much clearer
and stress-free. Additionally, swimming boosts circulation, which can help you regulate your breathing
and relax more.

Access to Low-Impact Exercises

One of the most noteworthy issues with standard exercise is that you can inadvertently injure yourself
if the activity is too high impact. A pool lift gives you access to a pool, and when you're exercising in the
water, the chance of injury is greatly reduced because water exercise and aquatherapy tend to be so
low impact. Swimming is perfect for people who have rheumatoid or other forms of arthritis; your
inflamed joints won't be nearly as swollen as a result of a gentle swim session.

Time With the Family

When you're able to get in and out of a pool more easily, you'll be granted an opportunity to spend time
with your family, especially kids. Water can be a great equalizer; elders can easily play with younger
children in the water without being as quickly fatigued. Also, there's just something inherently social about
swimming, and if you're able to swim with ease, you'll be surprised at how close your relationships can

Pool Lift Review: The Patriot Portable Pool Lift

Currently, you can find several options on the market for pool lifts, and you'll find that your options will
vary from more permanent models to models that are set on wheels. This product, which is manufactured
by Patriot, is the latter, and it's a very convenient pool lift for seniors and those suffering with disabilities.

This product is completely ADA-compliant, it's designed to accommodate individuals who weigh up to
450 pounds, and the seat surface is comfortable and wide. Since the main portion of the product is set
on wheels, it's a fairly easy process to wheel it to the part of the pool that you want to swim in. In order to
ensure a safe experience for users, the lift is also fully counterbalanced so that there's no danger of
accidentally being tipped into the pool.

Additionally, while this is considered a portable unit, it can be installed using a fixing kit with concrete
anchors. This will make the lift permanent and is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their lift.

This lift is constructed of some very tough materials, including stainless steel that's been powder-coated
so that it can withstand moisture and UV damage. The seat has a good level of cushioning so that
the process is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, the footrest at the base of the lift is completely
adjustable so that you can remain comfortable while you are waiting to be lowered into the water.

The lift is designed to be operated by either an attendant or the user, and lowering of the product is
accomplished via a remote that is controlled by hand. The lift has a sealed 24v battery that can be
charged via wall outlet between swimming sessions. This 24v battery is designed to withstand anywhere
between 10 and 20 cycles, so you won't have to charge it very often.

Finally, this is a very reliable product; not only does it have a great battery and top-notch construction,
but Aqua Creek fully supports the Patriot Portable Pool Lift with a dual manufacturer's warranty. The
first part of the warranty covers the product's structure and lasts for the lifetime of the lift. The second
part of the warranty will cover the replacement of the electronics systems of the lift, which can grant peace of mind.


Overall, a good hydraulic chair lift can make a significant difference in how you enjoy life, even if you're
dealing with the disabilities that come with age. With one, you'll be able to have fun, get exercise and
de-stress fairly easily. The product that was featured in this guide is just one of many on the market, but
this is a very well-rounded and capable lift that can make a difference for you if you're looking to use your

Whichever product you pick, it's advisable to take all safety precautions when using a lift. For example, it's
a good idea to have an emergency exit on the pool in case malfunction happens; this should be a place
of egress where you can simply get back on land. Additionally, always make sure that you purchase a
lift that is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act so that you can rely on it.

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