Tuesday, June 25, 2019

PHC Favorites that Make Daily Activities Easier

When you reach a certain age, some of the daily activities that you've grown accustomed to over the years can become more difficult. Fortunately, even though seniors can sometimes struggle to complete some of the activities that they did while younger, there are several useful items that can make the process much more comfortable. For example, specialized devices can make it easier to get out of bed, go for walks, or even go for a daily, healthy jog.
In this guide, we're going to show you 9 useful items that can make everyday life easier. Each of these items is available here on PHC, so take a look at our guide, and find the items that best suit your everyday needs.

Product Comparison: 9 Products that Make Daily Activities Easier

This product might stand out for many senior citizens because it just has a lot of built-in versatility. Not only can this product be used to make getting around performing daily activities more natural, but it also provides a handy seat to be used when you want to relax for a second. The seat is designed to be comfortable and has an ergonomic shaping. The diameter of the seat itself is 8.4 inches, and it rests about 20 inches off of the ground.

The cane seat is also very sturdy; it can accommodate seniors as heavy as 250 pounds, and the manufacturer, which is Drive Medical, backs the product with a limited lifetime warranty. During day-to-day use, you can also carry this product around with very little fatigue; it weighs about 1.3 pounds and has an ergonomic grip. This lightweight yet robust functionality is a result of the product being primarily being made of aluminum.
For seniors, this product definitely packs in a lot of usefulness; it makes taking periodic rests easy and also provides you with a high level of support when you're underway. The legs also have a wide stance tripod design, which means that you'll be able to sit comfortably, even when you're resting on an incline. Unlike many other cane seats, the handle is square and enclosed so that it provides a more secure means of carrying it to and fro.
When you're getting in and out of the bath, it can be very easy to fall accidentally, which is why this Lumex Splash bath lift, which is manufactured by Graham Field, can be a real boon. Not only is this a battery-powered lift, but it also comes with a remote control with larger buttons that makes the lowering and raising process very easy.

When not in use, the product is straightforward to store near your bath or in a closet, and it only weighs about 14 pounds, which means that bringing it to the bath shouldn't be too much of a struggle. Additionally, any bath aid should be easy to clean, and this product is no exception; each of the surfaces are designed to have very little crevices, so washing with simple soap and water is very easy.

When it comes to ease of use, the remote is potentially the best feature on this product. Not only does it have a very ergonomic design, but the buttons are very large and easy to use, so seniors with arthritis will be able to manipulate them easily.

When it comes to the lift's dimensions, this product has a seat width of 13 inches and a total width of 26.8 inches, which makes it compatible with most bathtubs. To use it, you simply place it at the bottom of the bath and raise it so that you can comfortably sit on it. Once seated, you use the remote to lower yourself into the water. Since this is battery-powered, it's also designed not to function if the battery is low, but charging the device is very simple since the battery slides in and out of the hand pendant remote.

When you're trying to get around either by foot or when using a wheelchair, a ramp can make things significantly more manageable. This product, which is manufactured by EZ-Access, is designed to make getting up and down areas that have stairs much easier. One of the best features of the ramp is the ability to either opt to have rails or go without these attachments. As you might expect, rails are perfect for those looking to walk up the ramp, but they can also be relatively useless and even cumbersome for seniors using a wheelchair or other mobility device.
EZ-Access even designed these to be exceptionally sturdy; each of their ramps has an 850-pound weight capacity, so more substantial seniors or seniors with larger mobility devices should have no problem using them. The ramps are also designed to never deform, even after years of use, and they are also light enough to be towed to new locations without much effort.
Since these ramps can be used outdoors, EZ-Access designed them with a powder coating, which will also protect them from the elements.

As you age, circulation becomes increasingly important, especially if you're standing or walking for long periods. This product, which is from Jobst, is designed to provide you with compression so that you'll feel less fatigue and experience a lower chance of forming varicose or spider veins. Additionally, for those that sit for long periods, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a real risk that can lead to dangerous blood clots. This is why this hosiery can help; they provide the right amount of compression to promote better circulation, even as you sit.

Unlike those compression hose products that utilize copper and provide a high level of compression, these are designed for a moderate level of compression so that they are more comfortable. When it comes to the aesthetic design, this ultra-sheer hosiery are designed to have an appearance that's very much like standard stockings, so you can easily wear them with dresses.
Insofar as material construction, this hosiery are manufactured out of nylon, spandex, and silicone blend so that they are attractive and supportive. These also are available in a wide variety of sizes that range from small to extra-large, so just about any senior can use these. They also have a design that makes it very easy to put on and remove after a long day of walking, sitting, or standing.

5) Carex Reacher – Easy Grabber

Who wants to risk injury by climbing a stepstool or a ladder? This product, which is manufactured by Carex, is designed to make those hard-to-reach items much easier to grab. It is designed with a very ergonomic handle which doesn't provide too high of a level of resistance. This makes it much easier to actuate the grabber arm, and you'll be amazed at how firmly the grabber will grasp items that are just out of reach.

Despite the firm grasp, the product's rubber grabber cups are also soft enough not to break or damage what you're trying to grasp. Additionally, the rubber is textured, so the product virtually makes the whole process a slip-proof affair. These jaws also open up to a width of five inches, so this is an excellent item for grasping household items like cleaners, bottles, and even smaller pots and pans.

If you're worried about the product being versatile, then you may find the twistable shaft to be a useful feature on this grabber. This allows you to change up the orientation on the arm so that you
can grasp from different angles. The grasper is also rotatable up to 90 degrees, which should provide you with several options.

The next product in the list of our favorite products that you can find on PHC that can make daily activities easier is a bed handle that makes getting out of bed easier. When you have conditions like arthritis, the joint pain can make summoning the strength to get out of bed very difficult. Fortunately, with a bed assist handle, like this one from M-Rail, you can get a little help. It has a very easy-to-grab design that gives you the extra support you need to rise, and it attaches to your bed via the frame or the base.

This M-Rail product is also designed for those that need a two-handed system; you can easily pull yourself up this way, and since the handles are wide and slip-resistant, you'll have no trouble. The company also designed the product to be reasonably easy to remove and take with you when you're traveling – just remove it from under the mattress and pack it away.

Due to the unique attachment system, this M-Rail product won't slide or detach when you need to use it; it's reliable so that you can get up without worrying about falling. This is also a bed assist handle that will support seniors up to 300 pounds, and the rail attachment system will accommodate any bed from twin-sized to king.

There's nothing like a nice recliner to make watching television as comfortable and easy as possible, but unfortunately, some of these chairs can be hard to get up from for seniors. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice this experience with a product like this MaxiComfort Cloud; it's designed to work as a standard recliner, but it also pivots forward so that you can get up with relative ease.

This is a recliner that has more than a few articulation options so that you can lean back at multiple angles, and you can access all of these positions via the included and attached remote. There's even an ottoman that rises from the front of the chair so that you can put your legs up.
This is a recliner that also shines for built-in comfort; each of the points that contact the body is designed to have a high amount of cushioning, which is why the product was named the "Cloud." The chair also stands out because it can accommodate users that weigh up to 350 pounds, and the seating area is designed for people that are up to 6' 2" in height.

When you're out on a trip with the family, the last thing you want is to feel like you're slowing your loved ones down. For this reason, a mobility scooter can make a real difference. The Ventura 4 DLX scooter is designed to provide you with an easy way to get around, and it even has a cruising range of up to 22 miles, which is more than enough range for a typical outing.
This is also a four-wheel model, so you can expect a high level of stability, even when the terrain is somewhat rough. For this reason, this is a useful model for anyone that might have to make their way over bumpy pavement or even cobblestone. To help with your comfort level, this scooter also has front- and back-wheel suspension.
In addition to this riding comfort feature, the Ventura 4 also includes some rider comfort attributes that will make a long day's ride much easier. The most important of these is the captain's chair; this chair has more than a few adjustability features that will allow you to find the most comfortable riding profile. Not only can you adjust the height of the chair itself, but the chair can also be pivoted forward, and you can adjust the headrest as well as the armrests so that you can find your ideal positioning.
9) Invacare Walker, Dual Release
You don't always need or want a scooter, especially when you can get your exercise by walking. Unfortunately, this can be a bit tough on the joints, which is why this walker, from Invacare, can really help seniors get their exercise. This product even has wheels that can help a senior get around easier. The four-legged design also provides a high level of stability, even when the terrain gets somewhat rough.
The walker also only weighs about four pounds, which makes it very portable, and since it folds down neatly, you'll be able to toss it in a car when you're going out. The handgrips on this walker are also made from PVC, so they are very comfortable and are designed to last for a very long time. The walker also comes fully assembled so that you can use it right out of the box.
PHC also offers an attachable tray that can add a bit of versatility to the walker and make it so that you can eat on it as well. Also, by default, the walker is designed to be used at a maximum height of 39 inches from the floor, but if you need a larger height, the company also offers leg extensions as well.

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be able to do all of the activities that you love, and these items make staying active very easy. Each of the 9 products that we featured here in this guide is available on the site and they are all great for helping you stay independent or get out there with family and friends.