Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Travel Accessories & Equipment for the Mobility Impaired That Won’t Break the Bank

One of the biggest perks of retiring is finally having enough time to do the things you love, and for many, that means traveling. However, you may fear that you no longer have the mobility or the budget to travel. If you’ve been hit with the travel bug later in life, your mobility and budget don’t necessarily have to stand in the way of your adventuring. This predicament can easily be solved with the right mobility equipment. We have compiled a list of geriatrics products that can help you make traveling both comfortable and easy. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for adventure. With the right mobility equipment, you can comfortably travel to your favorite destinations and continue to venture out.

From fundamental mobility equipment such as portable electric wheelchairs down to the accessories that are convenient, such as our disposable wipes, our products will make traveling a breeze. Here are nine products that can make traveling an enjoyable and easy experience.

  1. Orthopedic Footwear: The quality of your footwear is fundamental to establishing comfort during your trip. Investing in comfortable shoes, compression socks and inserts an important first step in making your experience as comfortable as possible. If you will be sightseeing, odds are you may be walking a lot, even if you opt for a bus tour of the city. There isn’t anything that can supplement having the right footwear for your trip.
  2. Folding Cane Seat - In addition to comfortable footwear, you will also need to take enough breaks in between each tour and hike. A folding cane seat is a lightweight,multi-use piece of equipment that will provide you with a place to rest whenever there isn’t any seating available. You may become fatigued in the middle of your walking tour and think you can’t make it to the end. Just unfold your cane and rest while your guide explains away. Don’t cut your tour short; this versatile walking cane will provide you with support while you walk and while you rest. Plus, at only $29, this product is a steal!
  3. Folding Walkers: Investing in a lightweight walker that is especially for traveling can make a world of difference. These walkers are light, easy to carry and easy to maneuver. You can also find various accessories for your walker, such as additional support and hanging pouches. Even if you don’t normally need additional modifications for your walker, you want to maximize comfort during your trip. Traveling often includes being active for longer periods of time than you are used to. Therefore, you want to stay comfortable for as long as possible in order to avoid fatigue, which can end your venturing sooner than anticipated.
  4. Rolling Walker Replacement Parts & Accessories: In addition to purchasing the right walker, you want to make sure your equipment is in optimal condition before leaving. The last thing you want is for your wonky wheel to finally give out while you are abroad. You can find a large selection of replacement parts for Invacare, Dolomite, Nova, Lumex products and more.
  5. Trionic Outdoor Walkers: The Trionic Veloped walker is perfect for the avid traveler and nature seeker who enjoys the outdoors. If you prefer to be more active but you require additional support, this enhanced walker is ideal for you. Designed specifically for the outdoors, these versatile and durable walkers are made to withstand grass, curbs, snow and even cobblestones, which will help while you’re on those unstable European walkways.
  6. Lightweight Transport Chairs: Your wheelchair should never be the reason you don’t travel. You can find a large selection of lightweight and easy-to-transport foldable wheelchairs. There is also a number of wheelchair accessories you can add to your chair to make it more comfortable if you need some added cushion or practicality. You also want to be conscientious of public transportation if that is how you plan on getting around. You may need to make proper transportation arrangements ahead of time to ensure you are able to get around and bring along your wheelchair or walker.
  7. Portable Oxygen Tanks: This one is especially important if you are traveling by plane and are prone to dizziness or shortness of breath caused by a lack of oxygen. The altitude of the plane will limit your oxygen availability, which may require you to use a supplemental source of oxygen.
  8. Skin Protection Creams: If you are traveling to sunny or arid areas, make sure you have the right cream suited to your skin condition. You’ll need to find the right cream for you if you are prone to dry or itchy skin, especially in sunny and warm regions.
  9. Disposable Wipes: These are a lifesaver for anyone traveling! You can find a variety of disposable wipes that are perfect for cleanliness during your trip, especially in airports. Airplanes, buses, taxis and hotel door handles all carry high amounts of germs. Disposable wipes will keep you clean when you don’t have toilet paper or soap available. Many are even infused with Aloe and Vitamin E to nourish your skin and prevent irritation.

As always, consult your doctor to see if the activities you have planned for your trip are right for you, and make sure to keep your medical records or a health card on you as an additional precaution. Investing in health insurance if you are traveling abroad is also a good idea, especially if you will be traveling for extended periods of time. With the right precautions in place and the right mobility equipment, your trip will be seamless so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the sights.

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