Monday, February 12, 2018

Best Date Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Is L-O-V-E really all that you can give on the most romantic day of the year? How about surprising that special someone with the most incredible date ever! As a wheelchair user, we know that it can be frustrating planning dates as not every place is comfortable or accessible for wheelchair users. Plus, if your date is not a wheelchair user, it can be even more challenging finding an activity that will be enjoyable yet comfortable for the both of you.

Here below we have listed the best date ideas for wheelchair users so that you can have the perfect Valentine’s Day with that special someone:

Coffee & Stroll. Picking up coffee and pastries from your favorite local spot and enjoying them over a beautiful day stroll- (or better yet, wheelchair roll) through a nice park could make a great date for Valentine’s Day! Not only will it give you the space and opportunity to actually learn more about your date but also help with a little bit of exercise!

Love a la Michelangelo. Invite your date to your city’s top art museum and admire some of the greatest art pieces in the world. Museum visits tend to be pretty long and this can be the perfect way to elongate the time spent with your date. Plus, a lot of times museums will feature special exhibits and shows that you won’t want to miss!

Vegas, Baby! Book a trip to the entertainment capital of the world- Las Vegas! Surprising your significant other with a trip to Vegas and spending time at different casinos could make one of the best Valentine’s date ever. Most casinos carry a wide variety of entertainment, from gambling to live music concerts to shows, therefore having a casino date night could be a lot of fun and comfortable for the both of you.

Kayak. If you’re an outdoors person and nature lover then kayaking could be one of the best date ideas for Valentine’s Day! Not only will it give you a chance to show off your skills but it could also be very romantic as you paddle on through beautiful scenery- maybe even take a bottle of wine with you!

Comedy club. There’s no better way to break the ice (especially if it is a first date) than with laughter! Booking seats at your nearest comedy club for you and your date on Valentine’s Day could be extremely fun and accessible place for wheelchair users (plus you will be able to determine whether they have a sense of humor or not).

Movies. While going to the movies might be a bit of a cliche, it can also be a very intimate experience. Envision watching a great film, while eating popcorn and sitting closely next to the person you like. Two tickets, please! Also, most theaters now have leather seats, making it one of the most comfortable, accessible and fun date ideas (especially for wheelchair users).

We hope that you find inspiration from our list above and that you have the best date this Valentine’s Day! Please let us know in the comments below if you have any other recommendations for great date spots for wheelchair users, we’d love to hear from you.

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