Monday, November 27, 2017

Techiest Wheelchairs: Five Wheelchairs of the Future

Wheelchairs have been around for a long time. Since their invention, they have been a great help to those with limited mobility. However, as our world has become more connected and technologically savvy, it seems like the basic formula for a wheelchair hasn’t really changed. If we live in the 21st century, the most connected time humans have ever lived in, shouldn’t we have wheelchairs that match? Below are some of our picks for what we think are the wheelchairs of the future. 

Customizable Wheelchairs 

In today’s world, we can customize almost everything, from how our mobile phones look to what toppings go on our burrito bowls. However, in the future, customization is not (and should not) be limited to cell phones and take out food. There are many companies around today that will customize a wheelchair to your liking. For some, customization just means a pop of color or a fun stick-on design, for others, it means turning your wheelchair into a full-blown crime fighting, terrain conquering, flame throwing chariot like some of these amazing wheelchairs

Off-roading Wheelchairs

If you love taking the road less traveled, you’re going to love this wheelchair made for taking on the rough terrain of off-roading. This wheelchair was engineered to be functional as a regular everyday mobility aid, but can also take on whatever you put it through whether in the elements or on the trail. Beyond the cool factor of being built like a tank, these chairs are a very practical solution for wheelchair users who still enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities that might take you off the beaten path. With all the access it gives you to such a wide range of activities outside of the everyday, its clear to see why a wheelchair like this belongs in the 21st century. 

All Wheel Drive Wheelchairs 

Wouldn’t it be great if wheelchairs had a slightly larger range of motion beyond just forwards and backwards. Well, with this concept wheelchair out of Japan, you’ll be able to go forwards, backwards, side to side, as well as any direction in between. Obviously this wheelchair looks super cool and techy, but at a practical level, this wheelchair makes the user even more independent in how they move, not needing any outside help to re-orient or change direction. For that, we think this wheelchair is pretty cool. 

Parenting Wheelchair 

Raising kids is hard, and it can be even harder when you have limited mobility. Getting your kids out of the house and active when you have a wheelchair can be a daunting task that can leave both and your kids exhausted. However, with this concept tandem wheelchair, you and your baby can enjoy the outdoors together without fear of losing control of your chair or their stroller. This chair may not have any wiring or fun buttons, but it does make parenting a whole lot easier, and for that we think this wheelchair is definitely a wheelchair of the future. 

The Wheelchair to End All Wheelchairs 

Wheelchairs are a great aid to mobility, but what if there was a wheelchair out there that could literally get rid of the need to own a wheelchair. Well, now there is. This transforming wheelchair takes mobility to entirely new level by letting the user transform the wheelchair from seated to upright standing. We can’t even imagine what it must be like to use this amazing piece of technology, especially if you’ve been using traditional wheelchairs for a while that don’t allow you to be upright during use. Not only does this allow greater mobility, but being able to stand up allows for a greater range of tasks that can be completed, as this chair can also be operated hands-free. 

Some of these wheelchairs might still need a little work before they are ready for practical everyday use, but seeing them does give a lot of hope to where wheelchair technology is going.  Fortunately, with our selection of wheelchairs, you can make the future now and reclaim your mobility.