Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Portable Hoyer Journey Stand Aid for Independence

Hoyer Journey Foldable and Portable Stand Aid

The Hoyer Journey, a portable lift assist unit to aid those who experience difficulty standing, is packed with a list of features that make it #1 in the industry. This includes singularly unique features such as its ability to fold up for easy transport and storage. The Journey is the only stand-aid unit out there that has this capability. It's also the first on the market to utilize an adjustable cow-horn setup, allowing it to adapt to a variety of patient sizes – small, medium and large. Weight capacity for the Journey is 340 lbs, giving caregivers a quick and easy means to accommodate just about any patient.

Lightweight, Convenient Portability

This one-of-a-kind stand aid weighs in at only 89 lbs and, being foldable, can easily be placed in a closet for storage or stowed in a vehicle for transport. This adds an incredible amount of independence to patients who might otherwise be reluctant to even leave their homes. Here's a list of other important features that make owning the Hoyer Journey so desirable for users and caregivers alike:

  • Natural, arc-lifting capability that actively encourages patient participation and reduces stress when moving either up or down
  • Low center of gravity and pivot point allow for exceptional maneuverability
  • Compact design with spreading, adjustable base legs to improve access around furniture and bathroom fixtures
  • Under-bed clearance of only 4.3"
  • Two rechargeable batteries and wall-mounted charger so one battery can be in use while the other is charging
  • 20-40 lifting cycles per charge, depending on patient weight and lift height
  • Easy lifting, even from low chairs, at the touch of a button
  • The combination of cow-horn handles and long, thickly-padded knee supports is adjustable and adaptable to accommodate a wide variety of patient heights

Smart System

Maintenance of the Hoyer Journey's power system is made simple with the inclusion of an integrated Smart Monitor that stores and provides instant access to some important performance information. This includes feedback on the number of patient lift cycles completed, the amount of work done by the unit's actuator and the number of lifts attempted in excess of the recommended working load.

The Journey works with small, medium or large standing slings, one of which is provided at no additional cost, and all three sizes of transport slings are available at an additional cost. This unit is currently being offered at 25+% below list price.

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