Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Comfortable and Versatile Zenith Z9000 Hospital Bed

Zenith Z9000
A medical bed must be crafted for support and healing. The Zenith Z9000APS Long-Term Care Bed will aid in rest and therapy and provides progressive speed and safety qualities. The bed and its features have been institutionally designed with both patient and caregiver in mind. It offers patient hand controls; the attendant controls are built into the footboard. Just add a mattress, and you've got a professional setup that will work for any long-term care situation in your home.

The Z9000APS is an advanced positioning bed that has full and reverse Trendelenburg from 0 to 14 degrees. This is ideal for rehab and provides therapeutic benefits that can aid in circulation and ease body discomfort. Trendelenburg also promotes resident self-positioning. This will accommodate post-surgical rehab positioning and reduce caregiver strain and potential injuries to both the caregiver and residents caused by manually repositioning the residents. Some of the bed’s position features include:

  • The lounge chair and recliner style provides comfort and relaxation to the patient while also allowing closer positioning to the caregiver for proper care.
  • Auto CPR functionality is ideal for CPR positioning in emergency situations.
  • The cardiac chair is primarily designed for residents with heart and respiratory problems for whom a semi-erect position brings great relief. This “cardiac position” helps to elevate the patient from the waist up, which provides relief to the lungs, increases circulation and assists the patient in coming from a fully prone position to a sitting position without causing harm or undue strain.

The height of the bed can quickly be changed, thus reducing caregiver back strain and the risk of staff occupational injuries. This long-term care bed adjusts from a low height of 7” to a high height of 30”. The bed is designed to operate silently, rise vertically to protect the walls during height travel and will remain level for proper therapeutic positioning. It has 360-degree mobility at any height.

Zenith 9000 APS Bed in Upright Position

The Zenith bed has many options that will aid the caregiver. Some of these include:

  • Attendant controls built into the floorboard and angled for better visibility.
  • Intuitive two-pedal locking system, which is centrally positioned and easily visible from a distance to ensure that the bed is locked. Pedal locks are readily accessible at all bed heights and widths, even in the lowest position.
  • The quick lockout buttons can lock multiple functions simultaneously.
  • The bed rolls at any height, reducing caregiver back strain.

Other quality features include:

  • A fully electric bed that is powered by ultra-whisper, rapid-moving DC motors.
  • Battery backup in case of local power failure/outage.
  • Grid support deck for superior strength.
  • Attractive head and footboards.
  • Tool-less assembly that minimizes setup. Bed can be put together in about 15 minutes.
  • Warranties that include some of the longest in the industry.

This premium bed will contribute to the patient’s comfort and therapy and is an ideal health aid for both homes and care facilities. Feel free to call PHC at 866-722-4581 for more information about the Zenith Z9000APS Long-Term Care Bed.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Product Highlight: Merits P326A Vision Sport

Red Base Merits Vision Sport Power Chair

A full-size power chair is one of the best options for people with limited mobility who refuse to sacrifice an independent lifestyle. The Merits P326A Vision Sport is one of our top sellers due to the great quality you receive for such an economical price, especially here at Preferred Health Choice.

This mid-wheel drive power wheelchair has everything you need for the versatility of moving around outdoors as well as navigating rooms and hallways indoors. As a mid-wheel designed electric wheelchair, the Merits P326A can essentially turn in place, making it incredibly easy to make tight and narrow turns or sharp directional changes. With 6-inch tires in the front and back, and 10-inch tires in between, it can also boast a small and efficient 20-inch turning radius for the smoothest transitions.

If Speed Is What You Desire:

The Vision Sport’s dual in-line motors provide you with 18 miles of travel at a top speed of 5 mph. The heavy-duty motors and low center of gravity not only make it possible for gentle transit, but are also the reasons why this power chair is at the top in terms of operation and performance.

If Comfort Comes First:

If you’ll be spending a majority of your days in a power chair, it should definitely be pleasant to sit in. The Merits P326A power chair offers basic features for comfort and more. It has an impressive 20-inch captain’s seat and can accommodate patients weighing up to 300 pounds. A semi-reclining backrest allows the chair to be a place for relaxation when not in movement, and the arms can adjust to the user’s desired height and width, or even flip up when they’re not needed.

Other Important Features Include:

  • Red or blue color options
  • Includes U1 batteries
  • Full suspension system
  • Dynamic Shark fully programmable controller
  • Five-year limited lifetime warranty on the frame, one year on the electronics, and one year on the motors

At PHC, we love providing our customers with premium quality equipment that improves their daily standard of living. Feel free to call us at 866-722-4581 for more information about the Merits Vision Sport or any of our other home medical equipment and supplies.