Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Product Spotlight: Aquatec RSB Wide Bath Lifts

Bath lifts have long served the purpose of helping individuals regain their independence and offering convenience when bathing. When it comes to aiding those with special bathing needs, look no further than the Aquatec RSB Wide Bath Lift to alleviate all of your problems. This battery-powered bath seat allows you to enjoy a long soak and the therapeutic effects of a warm bath by helping you lower and raise yourself in the tub without straining knees, hips or shoulders. This RSB wide lift fits all standard home tubs as well as wider-style whirlpool tubs in order to accommodate you in any situation.

The lift includes a seat with reclining back support and removable covers as well as a rechargeable battery and charging unit. It also features adjustable side flaps that provide stability and support for the upper body, and the flaps lift at the hinges to pivot forward for back support or back for clearance while transferring. The Aquatec RSB lowers to 2.5” from the bottom of the tub, then the back support reclines 35 degrees for maximum comfort. The reclining effect allows you to shampoo your hair without getting any soap in your eyes or to simply lie back, relax and enjoy the effects of the warm water.

All Aquatec bath lifts are constructed from reinforced plastic and stainless steel components, and this particular unit comes with covers that are removable and machine washable for your convenience. It sports a hand remote that has easily-identified up and down buttons and low power indicator, a lithium-ion battery in the hand control for easy recharging and self-release suction cups that adhere smoothly to tub floors to aid in a stable transfer.

Key Features of the Aquatec Wide RSB Bathlift
Upon purchasing this unit, users are able to appreciate the following features:

blue and white Aquatec bath lift with remote
  • Battery power for true portability and easy installation
  • High backrest with molded neck support that can be folded forward with just one hand
  • Back support reclines to 35°
  • Use with or without covers
  • Lifts 300 pounds
  • 6-8 cycles per battery charge
  • Lowers to 2.5" from bottom of tub
  • The maintenance-free actuator is both powerful and silent
  • Aquatec has a stable and rust-free frame, reinforced lifting scissors and bottom plate
  • Aquatec is warranted for 3 years excluding covers and battery
  • 35”-wide seat platform

Now is the perfect time to purchase this lift as it is now 20% off and qualifies for free shipping! Be sure and browse PHC Online for all of your medical needs!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Activities for People With Limited Mobility

Summer is officially here, and with it comes more potential activities for you to engage in. Whether it be in the pool, walking around outside or even hanging out indoors, there are lots of fun summer activities for people with limited mobility to partake in. These activities are sure to get you active and help you improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Elder women doing aqua-cise with weights


That’s right, water is a great place to get a low-impact, low-stress workout, and it’s also a very fun activity for disabled adults. Check with your local YMCA or gym and see if they offer any low-cost classes, but don’t be discouraged if they happen to not offer any. Even without classes, you can work out in the water in any pool by slowly swimming around or even walking around in a shallow area with some light weights.


You can walk by yourself, with a friend or family member or even join a walking club. During the summer, the sun is out and it’s nice and warm outside, so it always feels nice to get out and get some fresh air. If you want, you can even get a pedometer to track how long of a distance you walk, how many steps you take and how many calories you burn. For those of us who need some assistance when walking, there are many kinds of wheeled walkers available to help out.

Elderly woman gardening


A great way to get in touch with nature and enjoy the fresh air, this increasingly popular activity has many benefits. You can plant beautiful flowers in your yard or even grow your own fresh produce for your healthy lifestyle. There’s no need to travel far to plant a garden, and the reward of watching your plants grow will be well worth the effort to make the trip outside. If you have trouble bending down or don’t have a big enough yard, container gardening is a great way to grow edible produce or ornamentals that you can use to decorate your tables and counters inside.

Outdoor Work Outs

Change it up, and take your exercise routine outdoors! Stretch and do some light yoga on your patio; take some weights and resistance bands to the park; or get involved in community organizations for people with limited mobility and round up a group to play your favorite recreational activity. A healthy dose of sun and exercise will keep you healthy and also improve your mood!

With this selection of fun summer activities, you will be able to stay active no matter what your circumstances are! The summer is a fun time for everyone, so be sure you take advantage of this joy-filled season and enjoy the fresh air, get in the water, get in touch with nature and, most importantly, keep rocking! If you have any other suggestions, please share with us in the comments box, and be sure you browse PHC Online for any tools you may need to stay active this summer!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Voyager 98000 Portable Overhead Lifter Product Review

Guardian Voyager Overhead Ceiling Lift

As patient lift technologies continue to improve, great strides have been made in fixed, semi-fixed and portable systems designed to lift and/or transfer immobile patients. What you'll find with the new Voyager® 98000 Portable Overhead Lifter is the industry's lightest lifter, weighing in at just 12 pounds, including the battery. And yet, even though its weight is modest, its lifting capacity is anything but, with a lift limit set at a whopping 440 pounds! The 98000 is made exclusively for use with the Voyager Easytrack® Patient Handling System.

With a combination of the Voyager Overhead Lifter and the Easytrack System, patient transfer has improved by leaps and bounds. This is an overhead lift system that works where other portable lifts won't due to furniture, thick carpeting or tight, confined spaces. The system can generally be set up in a room in as few as five minutes by a single person, and without the use of any tools. It's just as convenient to transfer the system from one room to another within a home.

There's never been a better time to buy a Voyager 98000. You'll see that they're currently discounted at about 25%. Easytrack components must be bought separately, but for simple transfers from bed or bath into a chair, a single-track unit will suffice. Optional second, third and fourth track setups are available, and many configurations can be chosen to fit the exact needs of the patient who will be serviced by the unit.

Key Features of the Voyager 98000
Important features on this unit include:

  • Soft start and stop, allowing patients to be lifted and lowered with minimal jerking motions. This lift is capable of picking someone up even when they're on the floor. It lifts a patient as high as 48" from the ground.
  • Dual controls with a removable handset allow for max flexibility.
  • A unique release strap lets the unit be moved from one rail to another instantly, saving time and trouble.
  • A low battery is indicated by an audible alarm.
  • The battery is rechargeable and removable, allowing the lifter to be in continuous use even while the battery is recharging.
  • Automatic stop and lower in the event of an emergency.

Those currently using this ceiling track lift rate it very highly. It's a great lifting and transfer solution that deserves serious consideration.