Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Product Spotlight: Halo Safety Ring

Traditional hospital beds can leave patients feeling entrapped by bed rails that line the perimeter. Most assisted living centers require that there be some form of a bedrail on a patient’s bed, when appropriate, making movement restriction almost unavoidable. With the decline of these traditional bed safety rails, new health technology is being developed to do the same job but take emphasis off of entrapment. The Halo Safety Ring eliminates the sense of being restricted to a bed while still providing the same level of security, and giving the patient more bed mobility.

The Design
The circular shape is a modern take on the typical, rectangular bed rail. This allows patients to have greater mobility when they are in bed. The ring also provides the opportunity to be grasped at any angle. With multiple smaller bars within the circle, those using the product have the option to grab and firmly support themselves on both the interior and exterior. For an even more secure and comfortable grasp, Halo circle pad protectors are available to prevent slipping. The Halo shaped ring also has the ability to twist around to support those who are using it get out of bed.

Available in Different Models
The Halo bed rail is available in two different models. The standard hospital bed model attaches to the bed frame and bed top surface, so it can be raised and lowered as the bed is adjusted. It can be purchased with a single ring on one side of the bed or with one on each side. The other model is for standard home beds, which can attach to any standard bed frame, has two rings, one on each side of the bed, and includes its own floor stands to provide superior support.

Features for the Hospital Bed model include:

  • 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Fits all twin size beds
  • Easy to turn mounting bracket

Features for Home Style model include:

  • 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Fits twin, full or queen beds
  • Easy to turn mounting bracket

The Halo Safety Ring is the perfect alternative to a typical bed rail and ensures the security and stability of anyone who uses it. Experience this modern medical innovation today!

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