Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Product Spotlight: Hoyer Advance Portable Patient Lift

Hoyer Advance Lift

When you’re looking for a strong, sturdy, portable patient lift, nothing beats the Hoyer Advance Lift. Available in either a state-of-the-art electronic model (Advance-E) or a manually operated hydraulic pump model (Advance-H), these units lift and move patients weighing as much as 340 pounds quickly and easily. For those with the requirement to move a non-ambulatory patient from chair to bed, lift them from the floor or even transfer from inside a building to outside for vehicle loading, the Hoyer is #1 in its class.

Lift Essentials
There's a wide selection of portable lifts on the market, but few meet Hoyer's dedication to ideal form and function. They not only do the job well, but they also look good with a high-tech, stylish design. The "Swan-neck leg" configuration allows you to easily maneuver around or even get close to certain obstacles. This provides a wide range of lifting capabilities. Perhaps most important of all is the solid stance of these machines, giving the patient a feeling of total security and stability when being moved or lifted. Other essential features of the Hoyer Advance Lift include:

  1. Compact design allows for easy storage and the ability to fit the lift into most automobile trunks
  2. The Advance Lift can either be folded or separated into pieces for transport/storage. No tools required for this
  3. Unique, triangular-positioned leg design provides strength and stability. Accommodates ease of movement around large furniture or other obstacles
  4. Base width of only 22" allows the Advance to easily fit through most doorways

Choice of Power
The Hoyer Advance comes in an affordable, manual hydraulic model that utilizes a hand-operated pump to change sling heights. This is a smooth, easily operated unit that doesn't require much effort or muscle and moves the patient smoothly and comfortably.

As an alternative, a battery operated electronic model is available for even easier, automated operation. The handheld remote control directs all operations. The Advance lift simply needs to be plugged into a standard electrical socket for overnight recharging. The recharger is built right into the unit and easily accessible.

Easy Movement
After the initial lift, movement is made easy by way of an over-sized handle and a push foot-pad used to initiate momentum. The all-aluminum construction allows the Advance to be relatively lightweight, although not so light that it doesn't feel totally stable for patient comfort and confidence.

If you have someone at home who needs to be moved or repositioned in a variety of postures, the Hoyer Advance is a must-have. If you're a medical practitioner making calls on housebound patients, having a lift that fits in your car trunk and can be easily transported gives you a big advantage in accomplishing proper patient care. These units both include a 2-year limited warranty on everything but the battery. Experience the ease today!

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