Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Buy a Wheelchair

Are you planning on just using it to transport a person to and from the doctor, appointments or dinner? Then buy a transport wheelchair. They are lightweight, fold easily and  are very cost effective ($110 - $150).

Do you need a substantial chair the patient can push or self-propel? Buy a standard weight chair. They weigh around 36 lbs.  Costs range $179 - $199.

Looking for a lighter weight wheelchair that is easier for the patient to propel? Try a Lightweight Chair? They weigh around 33 lbs. and cost under $500.

Need a chair with a Recline Back and the Legs Elevate?  Try a Reclining Wheelchair. They weigh 36 - 50 lbs.  Costs from $350 and up. 

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