Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Medicare: Billing and Competitive Bidding

This morning I went to the website for some Comic Relief. This is what comes up:

I know it's small print - let me read it to you:
"Due to the government shutdown, information on this website may not be up to date".

Uh! OK!
Guess they had to start someplace!

Need information on billing a product to Medicare?

It's complicated and you may be surprised to learn how Low the Medicare Reimbursement Rates are for products.
Example Medicare Reimbursement:
Medicare allows about $50 for a rolling walker with a seat and handbrakes, what we call a Rollator. The local supplier must make a profit, or shut down and go out of business. So he must find a rollator that cost him about $25. After all, the supplier has to deliver it to the Medicare customer. That means paying an employee for the delivery, paying for the vehicle and fuel, and paying another employee to perform the actual Medicare billing.  Finding a $25 product must be a Medicare supplier nightmare! What kind of quality, long lasting product can you find for $25?  Could it be the kind that keeps Chinese Sweat Shops in business?

Be an Educated Shopper! You can learn about the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program on our Medicare FAQ and using the quick link for Medicare Supplier Directory to determine who can bill Medicare for a particular product in you zip code.

For example:
  • Do you know anything about Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program?
  • Do you know most products can only be billed by a Medicare "local appointed" supplier?
  • Do you know Medicare Suppliers are limited to what products they are approved to bill for?
  • Do you know how to quickly locate an approved Medicare Supplier in your zip code for the type product you are looking for?
Yes - it affects you:
Learn about the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program and how to get a product.