Thursday, November 12, 2009

TRiONiC Walker for Outdoors

This new TRiONiC Walker is a quality product that will produce years of superior service. The TRiONiC uses a 3-wheel design, but employs 4 wheels to do it! The front wheels can be set for different walking modes and surfaces and provide a suspension system that combines with TRiONiCS 12" pneumatic (air-filled) tires for a great walk through the woods, a bike trail, or around town.
 The over-sized frame is a lightweight 26-lbs and supports up to 330-lbs. The frame folds and wheels remove for easy transport. Seat and Carry Pouch are included and there are several seat color combinations to choose from.

The TRiONiC Walker uses an adjustable climbing wheel in front. The moving link arm also provides a suspending function. On uneven ground it constantly suspends the ride. The suspension turns the outdoor walk into pure pleasure. The wheel can be dually adjusted according to environment and terrain.

See our webpage for more information: TRiONiC Walker

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MPMSoft Billing Software

MPM is a leading edge Medical Billing Software For Windows! VISTA, 2000, XP

MPMsoft provides exceptional software, training and support to over 4200 users from thirty medical specialties spread throughout all fifty states. MPMsoft supports several dozen clearinghouses and is able to transmit electronic claims seamlessly to over 3000 insurance payers nationwide.

FLEXIBLE with many user definable features
- Quickly customize most important features like scheduling, patient statements, fee rates, and payments and adjustments - electronic medical billing made easy!

- 5 levels of security. Print the CMS 1500 Form, or send claims electronically.

- Dozens of useful and easy to read reports. Clear, attractive patient statements

LIVE SUPPORT! Medical Billing/Coding Support for XP, VISTA, Win2000
- No waiting. Knowledgeable and experienced medical billing software training!

  • Track Multiple Facilities & Providers
  • Complete ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes
  • Complete CPT Procedural Codes                       
  • SOAP Notes! (S.O.A.P patient notes)    
  • Drastically Lower Cost of Ownership!
  • Save Thousands Compared to Lytec & Medisoft.
Contact: MPM

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pediatric Gait Trainer

Gator Walker

R82 A/S of Denmark and Snug Seat combined in 1998 to form the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation products for children with special needs. Snug Seat and R82 truly care about children and are continuously developing new products to make their lives more fulfilling.

The Gator is a child's gait trainer. It offers accessories that let you craft the walker to your needs.

Some people refer to them as Reverse-Walkers, but it's really a Posterior Gait Trainer with a frame that goes around the sides and rear of the user. The user is in the center of the walker. The Gator Walker from Snug Seat provides superior ambulatory training and a psychological edge over the standard anterior-type walkers where the walker is out front.

The Gator Walker is a strong and stable gait trainer often chosen when a heavier more stable base is required.

The unique design of the Gator frame allows for a growth capability not available on competitive units.
It is accomplished with rotational hand grips, and a height adjustable back frame.

See the Gator Gait Trainer Walker

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