Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Support Surface Therapy

Air Mattress Systems for Adjustable Beds
Last week we reviewed the functionality and sizes of our Wallhugger Adjustable Bed, but didn't discuss adding a therapy mattress. You can purchase the Wallhugger Adjustable Base and simply add low-air-loss, alternating pressure and rotational mattress systems. Full-size and Queen Size mattress systems exist with low-air-loss and even lateral rotation functionality.

What they do:
Alternating Pressure Mattress - Alternates inflation and deflation of cells to constantly change pressure points and promote circulation.
Lateral Rotation Mattress - Constantly rotates the patient from side to side cyclically change pressure points.  Reduces risk of pulmonary complications, stimulates gastrointestinal tract, improves circulation and provides pressure relief without disturbing the patient.

Twin-Size Adjustable Beds can use any of the mattress systems found in our standard hospital bed mattress catalog and therapy mattress catalog.

Mattress Recommendations:
  1. SpanAmerica PressureGuard APM2 - Alternating Pressure Mattress with Lateral Rotation. It's an on-demand lateral rotation controlled by a switch mounted in the side of the mattress.
  2. SpanAmerica PressureGuard Turn Select - Lateral Rotation and Alternating Pressure has programmable controls for rotation mode and mattress has safety edge bolsters.
  3. Full-Size Med-Air Plus Mattress -Our Med-Air Plus Mattress works on any adjustable bed base and offers Alternating Pressure for patients weighing up to 1000-lbs. Fits Full-Size Adjustable Bed
Browse are catalog of Group II Therapy Mattress Systems.

Bed Rails:
The Wallhugger will not accept standard bed rails. If rails are a patient requirement see Nova Magic Rail for Adjustable Beds.

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