Monday, August 31, 2009

COPD Patients Breathe Easier

Invacare SOLO2 Transportable Concentrator

Unlike most portable Oxygen Concentrators, the new SOLO2 portable oxygen concentrator is capable of operating at up to 3 Liters Per Minute Continuous-Flow. In addition, the SOLO2 operates standard Pulse-Dose (settings 1-5). Even though you may be fortunate enough to use pulse-dose settings, the advantage of owning a system that operates continuous-flow is that it will work for you while sleeping. Most O2 users cannot use pulse-dose during sleep because breathing is irregular. Pulse dose technology has advanced in recent years, but breathing patterns during sleep are too erratic for sensing a breath.

In addition to sleep benefits, O2 users on continuous-flow are now able to leave home without carrying a carload of O2 cylinders. Even the largest of oxygen cylinders drains quickly if you can't use a conserving device. The SOLO2 can supply up to 3-LPM to satisfy most patient requirements and the machine will run about 2.5 hours on 3-LPM setting.

The SOLO2 can run up to 3-hours on the low-range of it's pulse-dose settings. Average pulse-dose settings at 20 breaths per minute:
  • Setting 1: 18ml
  • Setting 2: 36ml
  • Setting3: 54ml
  • Setting 5: 90ml
Conserving technology built into the SOLO2 (called Sensi) senses a breath and delivers the required amount of O2. This technology greatly increases battery life per charge.

Getting Charged Up:
The SOLO2 charges it's supplemental battery anytime it is plugged into a AC or DC power source, and it charges while it is operating. The supplemental battery charges in about 3 hours. You can also purchase additional supplemental batteries to extend your time away from home.

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