Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Patient Lifts Help save Caregivers’ Backs

If you work in the healthcare profession or if you have a friend or family member you help in getting up or in moving from chair to bed or to bath, you know just how difficult it can sometimes be. Helping someone get up can put a great strain on your back in addition to often being awkward or embarrassing for the patient. However, a patient lift can make the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

All Patient Lifts require a caregiver. The patient cannot and should not operate the lift by themselves. There are a number of different types of patient lifts. Manual Patient Lifts use a hydraulic pump. Powered Patient Lifts use rechargeable batteries and everything is motorized. Standup Lifts raise the patient from the seated position to standing position.

If you find yourself unable to stand without assistance, a patient lift may be something you need. Likewise, if you assist many people with standing or getting into the bath, you may also find the lift a great asset in your job.