Friday, January 30, 2009

What Lift Chairs Can Do For You

If you have issues getting up out of a chair, you may think you just have to live with it. After all, what exactly can be done other than adding a pillow to your seat or behind your back? But there is actually something you can do: you can invest in a power lift chair. These chairs feature built-in motors that help you get up out of the chair.

Lift chairs are full, padded recliners just like you’d purchase from any furniture store. They recline, feature a foot rest, and have nicely padded armrests. When you need to get up though, you simply press a button on the attached remote and the chair tilts up and helps you stand. There are several different types of lift chairs - some have two or three positions, while others actually allow you to recline until you’re almost horizontal, turning your recliner into a bed that can lift you right up to your feet. If you have been injured or have arthritis in your knees or hips, a lift chair can get you back on your feet without any pain.

However, you may be worried about the cost of a lift chair. While that’s true if you buy the first lift chair you see, you can find discount lift chairs with only a little searching. This is especially true online. Discount lift chairs purchased from an online site are often cheaper since they don’t include as many mark-ups. Plus, some sites offer free shipping, so you save money on the price and don’t have to pay to have it sent to you!

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