Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fight and win over Pressure Ulcers

Patriot Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress Replacement System

Preventing Pressure Ulcers means ensuring that immobile patients change their position at least every two hours to relieve pressure. Both treatment and prevention of Pressure Ulcers require the right tools.

The Patriot Rotational Mattress is an affordable support surface system that can provide therapeutic treatment for Stage III and IV, or multiple Stage II pressure ulcers. It works in either Low-Air-Loss mode or Rotational Mode. When switched to rotational mode you are prompted for rotation intervals. Rotation mode on the Patriot mattress means that it first turns one direction, and then, depending on the interval setting, turns the other direction. Turn Mode gives the care giver the option of 10, 20, or 30 minute cycle times. When in Low Air Loss mode the mattress provides 8" of true low-air-loss for a dry, comfortable, pressure-free surface.

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