Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fight and win over Pressure Ulcers

Patriot Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress Replacement System

Preventing Pressure Ulcers means ensuring that immobile patients change their position at least every two hours to relieve pressure. Both treatment and prevention of Pressure Ulcers require the right tools.

The Patriot Rotational Mattress is an affordable support surface system that can provide therapeutic treatment for Stage III and IV, or multiple Stage II pressure ulcers. It works in either Low-Air-Loss mode or Rotational Mode. When switched to rotational mode you are prompted for rotation intervals. Rotation mode on the Patriot mattress means that it first turns one direction, and then, depending on the interval setting, turns the other direction. Turn Mode gives the care giver the option of 10, 20, or 30 minute cycle times. When in Low Air Loss mode the mattress provides 8" of true low-air-loss for a dry, comfortable, pressure-free surface.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is It Just Snoring Or Is It Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea may be preventing you from getting the rest you need. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious health problem but many people don't even know they have it. Usually it is the bed partner who first notices that the person is struggling to breathe. Snoring is not the same as sleep apnea. Snoring is simply a loud sound that you make during breathing while asleep if there is any obstruction in your airway.

How can you tell if it's just snoring or OSA?
When you sleep, your airway relaxes, just like the rest of your body. However, as it does so, it collapses and becomes blocked, or obstructed. When the back of your throat vibrates against obstruction, it's called snoring. For the most part, snoring is not really a medical problem. While it can be irritating to other people sleeping in the same room, most snoring doesn't cause problems.

However, the airway can be so blocked that it completely blocks your breathing. Without air, your body cannot take in oxygen. Once your blood oxygen level drops below a certain level, the central nervous system triggers your body to gasp for breath. To do this, you partially wake up. This cycle can happen several times through the night.

There are several problems with this scenario: First, the repeated cycle keeps you from falling into deep sleep which your body needs. You will be tired and irritable the next day and may not be focused enough to safely drive or to work.

More importantly, the loss of oxygen can lead to memory loss, impotence, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes.

If you think that you or a loved one has OSA, it is well worth the effort to see a doctor. He or she can rule out other causes and recommend treatments such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. These devices keep enough air flowing to keep the airway open. CPAP machines have been proven to help snoring and OSA problems.

There's no need to suffer from snoring. See a doctor today and get some good sleep.

Pediatric Gait Trainer

This Miniwalk Gait Trainer is a perfect tool for teaching motor skills and balance. The seat and trunk support is easily adjusted to fit the child. The Miniwalk's seat slightly suspends the legs for free movement. Trunk is supported with comfortable padded bar that provides a secure feeling for the child. Seat height, handlebars and trunk support are all height adjustable.

What's different about the Miniwalk is it's suspension system. It moves up and down during gait, allowing for a more normal heel strike, toe off and mid phase as the child moves forward. The spring assist system aids the child's “swing through” during gait.

Human gait is measured from heel strike to heel strike, also known as the gait cycle or "one stride." The gait cycle has two phases, the stance (about 60% of the cycle) and the swing (about 40%).

The Miniwalk Gait Trainer is available in 2 sizes and is designed for children 1.5 - 10 years of age.

Miniwalk I (1.5 - 3 years of age)
Miniwalk II (3 - 10 years of age)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Memory Foam Hospital Mattress

Our PreferredCare Mattress is specially designed for Adjustable Hospital Beds. Constructed without springs, the PreferredCare Mattress has 2" of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam on top and a 5" Polyurethane base for unmatched comfort.

Perfect for homecare. Superior comfort for homecare patients. No springs in your back, just soft consistent comfort from head to toe. The 5" foundation provides a firm base. The top layer of Memory-Foam increases weight distribution to all areas of the body.

The PreferredCare Memory Foam Hospital Bed Mattress supports your body ergonomically in a stable, naturally restful position. As you move, it moves with you, cradling you in real comfort.

Anti-microbial waterproof cover with a 70 denier top to reduce friction and a vinyl bottom to protect the mattress.

Eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.

Mattress measures 36" Wide x 7" High x 80" Long.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wheelchair Components and Options

Wheelchair options like seat size are basic and apply to all chairs. However, some chairs require more information to configure. Frame style and type, back angles and height, front rigging options include swingaway and fixed, and some chairs need additional information for custom configurations. These options apply to both Folding Wheelchairs and Rigid Frame Wheelchairs.

See a brief description of these components on our Wheelchair Options page. Get more information and learn how to measure for a wheelchair on our Wheelchair Measurements Page.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Medicare - Is Your Equipment Covered?

As we all know, home medical equipment is essential but can be very expensive. It may be possible to get Medicare coverage for some medical equipment and supplies. Here is a brief list of common items and whether or not they are covered by Medicare. We provide Medicare Billing as a courtesy to customers purchasing qualified products. We do not bill for items considered "capped rental" purchased on the Internet.

Items that may be covered include:
  • Diabetic shoes and inserts, if they are custom-fitted by a podiatrist. You must seek local Medicare Biller.
  • Lift chair seat mechanisms (costs are reimbursed), if the lift chair is deemed medically necessary. We file Medicare Claims for Lift Chairs.
  • All Walkers. We file Medicare claims for all Walkers.
  • Manual Wheelchairs. Covered as capped rental, seek local supplier.
  • Power wheelchairs. We file Medicare non-assigned, meaning you pay up front.
  • Splints and other orthotic equipment. We provide Medicare billing.
  • Powered scooters if the patient cannot operate a manual wheelchair but can safely use a powered vehicle and if the patient needs a wheelchair or scooter to get around. We file Medicare Claims for Scooters as non-assigned, meaning you pay up-front.
Items that are not likely to be covered include:
  • Adjustable beds. Only Hospital Bed is covered.
  • Bedside tables.
  • Compression hosiery
  • Ramps or lifts
  • Most bathroom equipment (including shower chairs, raised toilet seats, etc).
Some items qualify as capped rentals. This means that Medicare will pay 80 percent of the rental cost for 13 months of continuous use. Most insurance policies will pay the other 20 percent. You should seek a local dealer that provides this equipment, we do not bill Medicare for Capped Rentals over the Internet.

Some capped rental items include:
  • CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machines
  • Semi Electric hospital beds
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Nebulizers
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Manual/hydraulic patient lifts (not stand-up patient lifts)
  • Mattress overlays
This is only a partial list intended to provide a general idea of Medicare coverage. It is best to consult a medical supply company, an insurance provider or a Medicare representative for answers to specific questions. In these days of high costs, it is essential to get the most accurate and up-to-date information available on medical insurance coverage.

Find more Medicare Coverage information on our Medicare FAQ page.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SmartPulse Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The SmartPulse is a small, reusable fingertip oximeter that quickly spot-checks oxygen saturation levels (Sp02) for oxygen therapy patients. It offers fast, accurate readings with a full multi-color LED display for easy reading during the day or night. The large SpO2 display appears in green, yellow, or red depending on the user’s oxygen saturation levels.

The SmartPulse is the perfect complement to the Eclipse 2 for patients who choose to check oxygen saturation levels during exercise or when traveling to higher altitudes.

See the SeQual SmartPulse Fingertip Pulse Oximeter main page.

For more information see Pulse Oximeter description.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

Finally, an affordable Bath Lift. The Sonaris Bath Lift fits in any tub and easily lifts up to 300-lbs. The Sonaris cost is less than half the competition's price.

There is no installation, the Sonaris simply sits in the bottom of the tub and has suction cups on the base legs.

The single button operation allows the user to descend and keep the backrest upright or to recline back to a more comfortable position.

The Sonaris Bath Lift is powered by a rechargeable battery housed in the sealed hand control. And since the power comes from a low-powered battery, the Sonaris will provide a lifetime of safe bathing.
See the full page on the Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift.

GLUCOCARD 01 Meter & Test Strips

New blood glucose system designed specifically for those who demand cutting-edge, auto code technology.

The GLUCOCARD™ 01 appearance is similar to leading cell phone designs and unlike other glucose monitors on the market. This new, affordable system requires no coding, displays results in 7 seconds, and requires a tiny 0.3 microliter sample size.

The GLUCOCARD 01 Meter has a 360 Test Memory and will connect to a PC to download the data in memory.
  • The Glucocard 01 gets about 2000 tests on a single battery.
  • Results in 7 seconds.
  • Requires only 0.3uL blood sample for testing.
  • Underdosing detection.
  • Features a large, easy-to-read display for better viewing of test results.
See the full page on the GLUCOCARD 01 Meter for more information.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Zenith II Long Term Care Bed

Zenith II Long Term Care Bed with Z-Loks

Excellent Caregiver tool. This Zenith II Full-Electric Hospital Bed makes working on the patient easier by eliminating caregiver bending. The Zenith II Long Term Care bed adjusts from a low height of 7.9" - to a high height of 30". Powerful DC motors, innovative Patent Pending design is engineered to keep the bed completely level at all times. The Zenith 2 has a sleep surface 36"W x 80"L.

Z-Lok function securely locks/unlocks bed to floor at all heights by depressing color-coded foot lever.

Notice the optional Attendant Controls built into the footboard. The foot/headboards are available in 4 different woods: Solar Oak, Medium Oak, Montana Walnut and Windsor Mahogany.

See the Zenith II Long Term Care Bed with Z-Loks

Combination Rollator - Transport Wheelchair

Duet Transport Chair / Rollator
Combination Rollator Transport Chair

New Duet Rollator also functions as a Transport Wheelchair. The Duet has a flip-up footrest that allows the user maximum comfort during transport. When the footrest is flipped-up the Duet looks like a normal rollator with seat. The backrest flips from front to rear to provide a comfortable backrest when used as a transport chair.

The Duet has a seat height adjustment, it's lightweight aluminum frame weighs only 19-lbs, and Duet has a 300-lb weight limit.

Large 8" casters work well outdoors and indoors and make the Duet very maneuverable.

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