Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Living with Arthritis

According to the CDC forty-six million Americans report that a doctor told them they have arthritis or other rheumatic conditions. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States, limiting the activities of nearly 19 million adults. Arthritis comprises over 100 different diseases and conditions.

People with Arthritis of the Hip of Knee will see immediate benefit from a Lift Chair. Many Arthritis patients don't know these functional chairs exist. These Chairs are Recliners, just like a Lazy-Boy, but with electric motors to control all functions. The motors are controlled with a hand-pendant and at the push of a button the user can be lifted into the standing position. Likewise, the Lift Chairs sit the patient down from the standing position. The user simply leans into the chair (in it's standing position) while pressing the down button on the hand control. The whole process of getting up and down is now effortless. Reclining is also achieved with electric motors. No levers to pull as on a standard recliner.

Medicare patients with severe Arthritis of the Hip or Knee may qualify for Medicare partial coverage of a Lift Chair. I say "partial" because total back from Medicare is about $280 and maybe another $50-$60 back from any secondary insurance. Find more information on Filing a Medicare Claim for Lift Chair in our Medicare FAQ. We file Medicare Claims for our customers purchasing Lift Chairs as long as they have a prescription from their doctor and meet the Arthritis requirements.

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