Saturday, August 30, 2008

Medical Data on a Bracelet

This little gadget is a simple memory-stick that plugs into a PC's USB port and automatically connects to it's easy to use software program. The software provides editable forms for all your record keeping. Enter as little or as much medical information as you want. Make changes, add new information, keep your physician's name & contact info, any history you wish to enter.

When I first saw the Care Memory Band Medical Alert Bracelet I thought it was a great idea, and I immediately envisioned a bed-ridden patient in a nursing home wearing the bracelet. Staff would have the software installed on a PC and the staff would maintain resident information on the bracelets.

On my second review of the product I realized that this is not just for sick people or nursing homes, it's great for anyone with any kind of medical history. Wear it when taking a trip, going out shopping for the day, taking a long drive, or any occasion where you feel more comfortable having it with you should anything happen.

PC must have a CD drive and USB port.

See it here: Care Memory Band Bracelet

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