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Swimming Pool Lifts for the Disabled

When done regularly, swimming is a healthy exercise that will work just about all of the muscle groups.
Not only does this exercise increase muscle power, but it also is one of the best endurance builders
available and it’s low impact. Despite its benefits, not everyone can get into the pool easily, which is
why swimming pool lifts for the disabled can really make a difference.

What Are Pool Lifts?

These nigh-miraculous inventions are designed to help the disabled more easily make their way into the
pool. If you're disabled as a result of injury, illness or age, a lift is a great way to utilize the water to keep
your muscles in great shape. They function similarly to bath and shower lifts; that is, they are designed
to mechanically lower a person into a pool of water and raise them up again when it's time to come out.

While lifts can be designed to be permanent and installed on a pool, these types are usually the kinds
that are found in professional facilities with multiple disabled pool users. Instead, the most common form
of pool lift is the kind that is designed to be somewhat portable so that the person using it can enter into
their pool where they want.

Usually, these lifts use hydraulics in order to raise and lower you comfortably into and out of the pool, and
ideally, they will be comfortable for just about any user.

The Benefits of a Good Pool Lift

It cannot be overstated that one of the top advantages of a lift is the fun factor – swimming is very
enjoyable, and these devices make pools that were once inaccessible accessible again. There are plenty
of fun activities that a physically challenged person can do while in a pool, so let's take a look at a few:

  • Hand Pool Walking: This is an exercise that you can do in shallow water. Those with mobility issues in their legs will find that this will help build muscles in the upper body, and it's very fun! Simply start at the shallow end of the pool, and place your hands directly in front of you on the ledge or top edge of the long side of the pool. Move your hands slowly down the pool so you’re “‘walking”’ with your hands down to a depth that is comfortable, and then back! 
  • Play Catch: If there's another person around, simply tossing floaties is a great way to have some fun and refresh the muscles.
  • Water Resistance Aerobics: One of the coolest aspects of being in the water is that the water provides a natural source of resistance. As a result, doing exercises like curls will provide you with genuine and fun training.

Stress Relief

As we age, life can become very stressful, and a good trip to the pool can help alleviate some of the
pent-up stress that can occur. Not only will the occasional bout of horseplay help reduce any built-up
tension, but there are also several aquatherapy-based meditative practices that can really help clear
the mind. You'd be amazed at how much just a quick swimming session can make things much clearer
and stress-free. Additionally, swimming boosts circulation, which can help you regulate your breathing
and relax more.

Access to Low-Impact Exercises

One of the most noteworthy issues with standard exercise is that you can inadvertently injure yourself
if the activity is too high impact. A pool lift gives you access to a pool, and when you're exercising in the
water, the chance of injury is greatly reduced because water exercise and aquatherapy tend to be so
low impact. Swimming is perfect for people who have rheumatoid or other forms of arthritis; your
inflamed joints won't be nearly as swollen as a result of a gentle swim session.

Time With the Family

When you're able to get in and out of a pool more easily, you'll be granted an opportunity to spend time
with your family, especially kids. Water can be a great equalizer; elders can easily play with younger
children in the water without being as quickly fatigued. Also, there's just something inherently social about
swimming, and if you're able to swim with ease, you'll be surprised at how close your relationships can

Pool Lift Review: The Patriot Portable Pool Lift

Currently, you can find several options on the market for pool lifts, and you'll find that your options will
vary from more permanent models to models that are set on wheels. This product, which is manufactured
by Patriot, is the latter, and it's a very convenient pool lift for seniors and those suffering with disabilities.

This product is completely ADA-compliant, it's designed to accommodate individuals who weigh up to
450 pounds, and the seat surface is comfortable and wide. Since the main portion of the product is set
on wheels, it's a fairly easy process to wheel it to the part of the pool that you want to swim in. In order to
ensure a safe experience for users, the lift is also fully counterbalanced so that there's no danger of
accidentally being tipped into the pool.

Additionally, while this is considered a portable unit, it can be installed using a fixing kit with concrete
anchors. This will make the lift permanent and is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their lift.

This lift is constructed of some very tough materials, including stainless steel that's been powder-coated
so that it can withstand moisture and UV damage. The seat has a good level of cushioning so that
the process is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, the footrest at the base of the lift is completely
adjustable so that you can remain comfortable while you are waiting to be lowered into the water.

The lift is designed to be operated by either an attendant or the user, and lowering of the product is
accomplished via a remote that is controlled by hand. The lift has a sealed 24v battery that can be
charged via wall outlet between swimming sessions. This 24v battery is designed to withstand anywhere
between 10 and 20 cycles, so you won't have to charge it very often.

Finally, this is a very reliable product; not only does it have a great battery and top-notch construction,
but Aqua Creek fully supports the Patriot Portable Pool Lift with a dual manufacturer's warranty. The
first part of the warranty covers the product's structure and lasts for the lifetime of the lift. The second
part of the warranty will cover the replacement of the electronics systems of the lift, which can grant peace of mind.


Overall, a good hydraulic chair lift can make a significant difference in how you enjoy life, even if you're
dealing with the disabilities that come with age. With one, you'll be able to have fun, get exercise and
de-stress fairly easily. The product that was featured in this guide is just one of many on the market, but
this is a very well-rounded and capable lift that can make a difference for you if you're looking to use your

Whichever product you pick, it's advisable to take all safety precautions when using a lift. For example, it's
a good idea to have an emergency exit on the pool in case malfunction happens; this should be a place
of egress where you can simply get back on land. Additionally, always make sure that you purchase a
lift that is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act so that you can rely on it.

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PHC Favorites that Make Daily Activities Easier

When you reach a certain age, some of the daily activities that you've grown accustomed to over the years can become more difficult. Fortunately, even though seniors can sometimes struggle to complete some of the activities that they did while younger, there are several useful items that can make the process much more comfortable. For example, specialized devices can make it easier to get out of bed, go for walks, or even go for a daily, healthy jog.
In this guide, we're going to show you 9 useful items that can make everyday life easier. Each of these items is available here on PHC, so take a look at our guide, and find the items that best suit your everyday needs.

Product Comparison: 9 Products that Make Daily Activities Easier

This product might stand out for many senior citizens because it just has a lot of built-in versatility. Not only can this product be used to make getting around performing daily activities more natural, but it also provides a handy seat to be used when you want to relax for a second. The seat is designed to be comfortable and has an ergonomic shaping. The diameter of the seat itself is 8.4 inches, and it rests about 20 inches off of the ground.

The cane seat is also very sturdy; it can accommodate seniors as heavy as 250 pounds, and the manufacturer, which is Drive Medical, backs the product with a limited lifetime warranty. During day-to-day use, you can also carry this product around with very little fatigue; it weighs about 1.3 pounds and has an ergonomic grip. This lightweight yet robust functionality is a result of the product being primarily being made of aluminum.
For seniors, this product definitely packs in a lot of usefulness; it makes taking periodic rests easy and also provides you with a high level of support when you're underway. The legs also have a wide stance tripod design, which means that you'll be able to sit comfortably, even when you're resting on an incline. Unlike many other cane seats, the handle is square and enclosed so that it provides a more secure means of carrying it to and fro.
When you're getting in and out of the bath, it can be very easy to fall accidentally, which is why this Lumex Splash bath lift, which is manufactured by Graham Field, can be a real boon. Not only is this a battery-powered lift, but it also comes with a remote control with larger buttons that makes the lowering and raising process very easy.
When not in use, the product is straightforward to store near your bath or in a closet, and it only weighs about 14 pounds, which means that bringing it to the bath shouldn't be too much of a struggle. Additionally, any bath aid should be easy to clean, and this product is no exception; each of the surfaces are designed to have very little crevices, so washing with simple soap and water is very easy.

When it comes to ease of use, the remote is potentially the best feature on this product. Not only does it have a very ergonomic design, but the buttons are very large and easy to use, so seniors with arthritis will be able to manipulate them easily.

When it comes to the lift's dimensions, this product has a seat width of 13 inches and a total width of 26.8 inches, which makes it compatible with most bathtubs. To use it, you simply place it at the bottom of the bath and raise it so that you can comfortably sit on it. Once seated, you use the remote to lower yourself into the water. Since this is battery-powered, it's also designed not to function if the battery is low, but charging the device is very simple since the battery slides in and out of the hand pendant remote.

When you're trying to get around either by foot or when using a wheelchair, a ramp can make things significantly more manageable. This product, which is manufactured by EZ-Access, is designed to make getting up and down areas that have stairs much easier. One of the best features of the ramp is the ability to either opt to have rails or go without these attachments. As you might expect, rails are perfect for those looking to walk up the ramp, but they can also be relatively useless and even cumbersome for seniors using a wheelchair or other mobility device.
EZ-Access even designed these to be exceptionally sturdy; each of their ramps has an 850-pound weight capacity, so more substantial seniors or seniors with larger mobility devices should have no problem using them. The ramps are also designed to never deform, even after years of use, and they are also light enough to be towed to new locations without much effort.
Since these ramps can be used outdoors, EZ-Access designed them with a powder coating, which will also protect them from the elements.

As you age, circulation becomes increasingly important, especially if you're standing or walking for long periods. This product, which is from Jobst, is designed to provide you with compression so that you'll feel less fatigue and experience a lower chance of forming varicose or spider veins. Additionally, for those that sit for long periods, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a real risk that can lead to dangerous blood clots. This is why this hosiery can help; they provide the right amount of compression to promote better circulation, even as you sit.
Unlike those compression hose products that utilize copper and provide a high level of compression, these are designed for a moderate level of compression so that they are more comfortable. When it comes to the aesthetic design, this ultra-sheer hosiery are designed to have an appearance that's very much like standard stockings, so you can easily wear them with dresses.
Insofar as material construction, this hosiery are manufactured out of nylon, spandex, and silicone blend so that they are attractive and supportive. These also are available in a wide variety of sizes that range from small to extra-large, so just about any senior can use these. They also have a design that makes it very easy to put on and remove after a long day of walking, sitting, or standing.

5) Carex Reacher – Easy Grabber

Who wants to risk injury by climbing a stepstool or a ladder? This product, which is manufactured by Carex, is designed to make those hard-to-reach items much easier to grab. It is designed with a very ergonomic handle which doesn't provide too high of a level of resistance. This makes it much easier to actuate the grabber arm, and you'll be amazed at how firmly the grabber will grasp items that are just out of reach.

Despite the firm grasp, the product's rubber grabber cups are also soft enough not to break or damage what you're trying to grasp. Additionally, the rubber is textured, so the product virtually makes the whole process a slip-proof affair. These jaws also open up to a width of five inches, so this is an excellent item for grasping household items like cleaners, bottles, and even smaller pots and pans.

If you're worried about the product being versatile, then you may find the twistable shaft to be a useful feature on this grabber. This allows you to change up the orientation on the arm so that you
can grasp from different angles. The grasper is also rotatable up to 90 degrees, which should provide you with several options.

The next product in the list of our favorite products that you can find on PHC that can make daily activities easier is a bed handle that makes getting out of bed easier. When you have conditions like arthritis, the joint pain can make summoning the strength to get out of bed very difficult. Fortunately, with a bed assist handle, like this one from M-Rail, you can get a little help. It has a very easy-to-grab design that gives you the extra support you need to rise, and it attaches to your bed via the frame or the base.

This M-Rail product is also designed for those that need a two-handed system; you can easily pull yourself up this way, and since the handles are wide and slip-resistant, you'll have no trouble. The company also designed the product to be reasonably easy to remove and take with you when you're traveling – just remove it from under the mattress and pack it away.

Due to the unique attachment system, this M-Rail product won't slide or detach when you need to use it; it's reliable so that you can get up without worrying about falling. This is also a bed assist handle that will support seniors up to 300 pounds, and the rail attachment system will accommodate any bed from twin-sized to king.

There's nothing like a nice recliner to make watching television as comfortable and easy as possible, but unfortunately, some of these chairs can be hard to get up from for seniors. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice this experience with a product like this MaxiComfort Cloud; it's designed to work as a standard recliner, but it also pivots forward so that you can get up with relative ease.

This is a recliner that has more than a few articulation options so that you can lean back at multiple angles, and you can access all of these positions via the included and attached remote. There's even an ottoman that rises from the front of the chair so that you can put your legs up.
This is a recliner that also shines for built-in comfort; each of the points that contact the body is designed to have a high amount of cushioning, which is why the product was named the "Cloud." The chair also stands out because it can accommodate users that weigh up to 350 pounds, and the seating area is designed for people that are up to 6' 2" in height.

When you're out on a trip with the family, the last thing you want is to feel like you're slowing your loved ones down. For this reason, a mobility scooter can make a real difference. The Ventura 4 DLX scooter is designed to provide you with an easy way to get around, and it even has a cruising range of up to 22 miles, which is more than enough range for a typical outing.
This is also a four-wheel model, so you can expect a high level of stability, even when the terrain is somewhat rough. For this reason, this is a useful model for anyone that might have to make their way over bumpy pavement or even cobblestone. To help with your comfort level, this scooter also has front- and back-wheel suspension.
In addition to this riding comfort feature, the Ventura 4 also includes some rider comfort attributes that will make a long day's ride much easier. The most important of these is the captain's chair; this chair has more than a few adjustability features that will allow you to find the most comfortable riding profile. Not only can you adjust the height of the chair itself, but the chair can also be pivoted forward, and you can adjust the headrest as well as the armrests so that you can find your ideal positioning.
9) Invacare Walker, Dual Release
You don't always need or want a scooter, especially when you can get your exercise by walking. Unfortunately, this can be a bit tough on the joints, which is why this walker, from Invacare, can really help seniors get their exercise. This product even has wheels that can help a senior get around easier. The four-legged design also provides a high level of stability, even when the terrain gets somewhat rough.
The walker also only weighs about four pounds, which makes it very portable, and since it folds down neatly, you'll be able to toss it in a car when you're going out. The handgrips on this walker are also made from PVC, so they are very comfortable and are designed to last for a very long time. The walker also comes fully assembled so that you can use it right out of the box.
PHC also offers an attachable tray that can add a bit of versatility to the walker and make it so that you can eat on it as well. Also, by default, the walker is designed to be used at a maximum height of 39 inches from the floor, but if you need a larger height, the company also offers leg extensions as well.

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be able to do all of the activities that you love, and these items make staying active very easy. Each of the 9 products that we featured here in this guide is available on the site and they are all great for helping you stay independent or get out there with family and friends.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Lateral Rotation Air Mattress

Things To Consider When Choosing a Lateral Rotation Air Mattress
When it comes to medical bedding, bed sores, which are also known as decubitus ulcers, are something that medical professionals and those caring for loved ones want to avoid. Not only are these uncomfortable and painful for the patient, but these decubitus ulcers also can lead to tissue death and massive infections. For this reason, pressure relief systems like a lateral pressure relief mattress are great options. When you're taking care of a loved one, you want to have the best care devices, and one of these is an excellent option for just about any individual who spends most of his or her time in bed.

These mattresses are perfect for bedridden patients because they distribute the weight of the patient more evenly and relieve high levels of pressure on certain parts of the body. These mattresses can prevent minor blisters from progressing into outright ulcers and open, infected wounds.

What Causes These Types of Bedsores?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are a result of pressure on the skin and can result quickly from extended periods spent in bed. There are a few locations that are usually more prevalent for bedsores to form. These include the tailbone, buttocks, spine, shoulder blades, and any part of the arms or legs that come in contact with the mattress. As a rule, if any area of the skin is being pinched or experiences a high level of pressure as a result of continuous contact, there ends up being a lack of oxygen and blood flow. As a result, this inhibits the nutrients that area of the skin receives, which is how these ulcers and blisters form.

Unfortunately, patients who experience pressure ulcers don't always heal completely, and many other conditions can result from the presence of bedsores. Decubitus ulcers can undoubtedly be treated, but why not prevent them before they form?

What Makes Lateral Rotation Mattress Systems so Valuable?

When using standard medical bedding, a medical professional such as a nurse will periodically have to rotate the patient to ensure no bedsores are forming. This can be time-consuming and far from precise, especially if you're taking care of a loved one. This is why a lateral rotation mattress is beneficial. These mattresses rotate as much as 40 degrees laterally, which means the mattress is doing all the heavy lifting and will move the patient. Some models even do this incrementally, which is far more comfortable for the patient.

These stand out for the prevention of bedsores because no part of the body will have to be in contact with the mattress for an overlong period. Has the patient spent too much time on his or her back? If so, you can command the mattress to shift the patient's weight to his or her side. Has the patient spent too much time on his or her side? This is also quickly resolved by using the lateral rotation function.

As a rule, these mattresses rotate very gently, which means it will be a very stress-free process for the patient. This is also useful for patients who are unable to change their sleeping position as a result of injury or unconsciousness.

Things To Consider When Choosing an Air Mattress for Medical Use

Having said all this, there are certainly some things to consider when choosing a lateral air mattress. In this section of our guide, we're going to give you a list of things to take into account when purchasing a product of this type.

What It Takes To Clean the Mattress

Unfortunately, the realities of extended bed rest will often mean that a mess will need to be cleaned up as a result of conditions like incontinence. As a general rule, some mattresses on the market are a bit easier to clean than others, so if you intend to purchase a mattress that you will need to clean frequently, look for one that has a design you can quickly wipe down and sanitize. An excellent choice, in this regard, is a mattress that is completely waterproof; with one of these products, you can use a detergent solution to quickly clean up any messes that may be present.

In addition to this, many mattresses of this type can also be purchased with machine washable covers that will protect the mattress so many messes. In many cases, these will have to be purchased separately, but these are often designed to be washed in your at-home washing machine. In general, these are relatively easy to remove, even when your loved one is resting on the mattress.

The Level of Mattress Durability

As air-filled products, you definitely want a lateral rotating mattress that has a high degree of durability so it can last for a longer period. In many situations, vinyl mattresses really stand out for their ability to be easily cleaned and their impressive level of durability. A good mattress will not experience any leaks, even after several years have elapsed.

Stable Edges

It's absolutely crucial to purchase a lateral rotating air mattress that has a firm construction and utilizes firm perimeters. Firm perimeters add a bit of stability to the edges of the inflatable mattress. This is especially crucial with an air mattress because the air cells can be very unstable.

Having an outer perimeter that's firmer also provides the resident with a "boundary area" that he or she can feel to know where the edges of the mattress are. This firm perimeter also makes it easier for the caregiver to initiate transfers with the patient since they'll be a firm section that the patient can roll up onto.

The Weight Capacity

When it comes to the weight capacity of the lateral rotating air mattress, there are many options on the market. As you might expect, some of these products require a very high weight capacity to manage larger patients, so it's not uncommon for a product of this type to accommodate patients who are 250 pounds and up. There are even products on the market currently that can manage patients as heavy as 600 pounds. The weight capacity of the product is going to be one of the most important statistics you will have to take into account. Is the patient heavy? Extended bed rest can sometimes lead to weight gain, so it's not a bad idea to err on the side of a more substantial capacity when purchasing a product.

How Comfortable Is It?

One of the essential features of a product like this is the level of comfort. Remember, these products are specifically designed to make rest more manageable by the patient, so if it doesn't sleep well, it's not doing its job. This level of comfort shouldn't just include a high level of support for those who sleep on their backs; a sound product should also make those asleep on their sides comfortable as well.

Unfortunately, comfortability is subjective. For this reason, you'll have to select a product that's going to either be soft or firm enough for the resident's personal needs. Fortunately, the best features of a modern air mattress are that you can adjust the firmness by deflating or inflating it.

How Long Does It Take To Inflate/Deflate?

When you're on the market for a hospital grade air mattress, you'll be surprised how long it can take to fill the air cells of the product. For some models, it can take as much as 45 minutes to fully fill the air mattress. This is because these mattresses oftentimes have a far more complex design due to the fact that they have to distribute the weight evenly.

Also, this issue can be somewhat exacerbated when there is a kink in the air hose you're using to inflate the product. Fortunately, you can usually massage out this kink to increase the speed of inflation.

If you're looking for a fast inflation process, take a look at the included blower. The blower, which is the device that pumps air into the air cells of the mattress, is often accompanied by a liter per minute (LPM) number, which will tell you how many liters of air the product can push into the mattress within a minute's worth of time. A good LPM rate will usually be over 1,200 LPM, but if the time of inflation isn't a major concern for you, slower speeds can also be adequate.

When you're ready to deflate the product, which is usually a good idea when you need to transport it, you can expect the deflation time to take about 10 minutes. This time can be increased if you might need to work out any kinks in the material before packing.

Products With Automatic Lateral Rotation

If you're working with a loved one who is almost completely immobile, products with automatic lateral rotation can be very convenient. A product of this type will move the patient periodically so that bedsores can't form as quickly. This type of automatic rotation occurs at fixed intervals and is explicitly designed to ensure that no part of the body experiences too much pressure over a preset period.

Low Air Loss

Products of this type will ensure that the mattress doesn't gradually deflate over time. This is accomplished by the presence of several micro holes throughout the construction, which allow cool air to pass through the outer material of the lateral rotation air mattress. This actually prevents the gradual loss of air, and it will also allow you to control the temperature level of the mattress, as well as the moisture within its air cells.

Products With Alternating Pressure

One of the reasons that bed sores form is due to high levels of pressure. For this reason, there are products on the market that have alternating pressure features that gradually reduce and increase pressure across the body of the mattress throughout its use. In most cases, this inflation/deflation function is performed in a pattern. This ensures that no part of the body experiences too much pressure at any given point. Some products even let you change the cycle times of inflation and deflation.

Product Comparison: Five Lateral Rotation Air Mattress Models

The Power Turn Elite is a lateral rotation mattress that has a heavy-duty level of functionality and a nice hospital grade air mattress design. When it comes to daily functionality, the mattress accommodates patients who weigh up to 650 pounds. The mattress itself only weighs about 23 pounds and has a dimension of 80 x 36 x 9 inches. The 36-inch width is very spacious for even larger residents.

When it comes to functionality, this product has both lateral rotations as well as true low air loss. The rotation settings automatically rotate the patient in intervals that range between five- and 95-minutes. Low air loss can be a great feature to prevent bedsores because it allows you to manage the microclimate in the bedding area so that moisture isn't a major contributing factor to the formation of ulcers. Additionally, the greater airflow is much more comfortable for the patient.

When it comes to inflation, the Power Turn Elite comes with a 1,800 LPM blower. The product also has firmness zones around the edges, which make it easy to transfer your loved one. The zones will also give your loved one an idea of where the edges of the mattress are. The automatic lateral rotation is designed not to function when the patient's head or feet are elevated.

Within the body of the mattress are 18 independent 9-inch deep air cells, which provide all of the lateral rotation functionality. Left or right turn features fall into two categories: 25-degree small turns or 40-degree large turns. The mattress is designed to fit into the body of just about all standard hospital beds. Additionally, the mattress also includes a foam base that has a high-density construction.

It also has a 12-foot power cord that has a hospital-grade design and is considered a UL 544 medical-grade piece of equipment. If the weight capacity of this product doesn't fit the needs of your loved one, there are also larger 42-inch and 48-inch mattresses in the same line that can support patients who are 750 and 1,000 pounds respectively.

One of the best features of the Prius Rhythm Turn mattress is its auto-fire function, which will refill the mattress when needed. The product also has an auto firm feature that will automatically increase the firmness of the mattress to the patient's needs. In addition to this, the mattress is very comfortable thanks to the quilted nylon cover on the top surface. Another comfort feature that makes this product stand out is the digital controls. With these, you can adjust the comfort level of the mattress using 10 digital comfort settings. Finally, with the controls, you can also access a massage mode that will help the patient become more comfortable while lying on the mattress.

When it comes to everyday use, the mattress can accommodate patients who are as heavy as 600 pounds and has a 36-inch width. When it comes to sizing, the Prius Rhythm has dimensions of 36 x 80 x 10 inches, so there's plenty of room for larger patients. Additionally, there are two other products in the line that can accommodate larger patients if needed. These mattresses have 42- and 48-inch widths respectively.

This product also has some excellent safety features. These include a CPR quick-release system, which will auto-deflate the mattress in about 20 seconds. Also, when the mattress detects low pressure or a power failure, it will produce a visual and audio alarm.

The mattress also has a lateral rotation that produces a small rotation (20 degrees) and a larger rotation (40 degrees). This is all controllable via the keypad. Internally, this mattress has 8-inch air cells, which perform all of the lateral movement. There are 18 of these cells, so there is a good level of coverage within the mattress body. Also, the mattress has a cycle time that can be adjusted anywhere between 3- to 95-minute intervals. The included blower has an LPM of 1,200, so you'll be able to inflate the product fairly quickly.

In addition to its lateral rotation function, the PressureGuard APM2 Safety Supreme Mattress also has an alternating pressure feature that ensures bedsores don't form on the resident's body. Effectively, this means there are two therapies available with one product, so this is a good option for versatility. You can also control these functions via an easy-to-use control unit. This control unit is compact and lightweight, which can be very useful.

When it comes to the physical design, this is a mattress that has a raised perimeter. Not only does this aid in patient safety, but it also makes it relatively easy to transfer patients. This feature, which is called the Safety Edge by PressureGuard, also helps gently "nudge" the patient toward the center of the mattress, which will help prevent falls. Also, to better facilitate transfers, this PressureGuard mattress has a timed 20-minute auto-firm mode.

It's important to note that, unlike some of the previous mattresses that have been covered here, this product's lateral rotation function isn't programmable. This means the caregiver will have to flip a switch periodically to ensure the mattress is rotating the patient correctly. The process of lateral rotation is accomplished by the two sides of the mattress inflating and deflating alternately. With it, the patient is rotated about 20 degrees to each side. After five minutes have elapsed, the process reverses, which will keep the pressure on the body of the patient normalized.

Compared to some of the previous products, this product has a much lower weight capacity; at maximum, the product can manage patients who weigh less than 350 pounds. Despite this, the mattress stands out thanks to its cover. This component is entirely fluid-proof and won't tear under most circumstances. The cover is also flame-resistant and bacteriostatic as well. The product has a 35-inch width and a 75-inch length, so it has plenty of room for most patients.

This product is another non-automatic rotational mattress that can add a lot of convenience to the healthcare process. When you are using this product, you'll have an option for a low air loss mode or rotational mode. The low air loss mode is designed to keep the patient comfortable and centered on the mattress. Also, 200 liters per minute of air flow are provided with this mode, which will provide the needed level of firmness for the patient.

The rotational mode is activated by the caregiver, and once it begins, the mattress will start to turn in one direction so that part of the patient's body is lifted off the mattress. Once the patient has been shifted for a preset amount of time, the mattress will switch back to the other direction. While this process isn't automatic, it's relatively easy to control by a control panel.

The dimensions of this product are relatively large; it has a length of 80 inches, a width of 36 inches, and a height of 10 inches. The control panel also allows the caregiver to decide which side of the mattress is lower or higher. The control unit has a touch control design, which can add a lot of convenience for the caregiver.

By default, this mattress has the highest weight capacity of the products that we've been comparing in this guide. For larger patients, this Patriot mattress can accommodate over 1000 pounds. The fabric on top of the mattress is also very stretchy, which can provide a good level of comfort. The top surface is made of vinyl, so it is reasonably spill-resistant and easy to clean. The air cells are also very durable; they are crafted out of 200 denier nylon, so it'll be tough to spring a leak.

The final product in our "Things To Consider When Choosing a Lateral Rotation Air Mattress" guide is the Masonair Lateral Rotation Mattress. This product has a built-in microprocessor that is designed to control the automatic motion system which makes it a reasonably automatic lateral rotation mattress. In addition to its rotational abilities, this mattress has low air loss and even has protections against electrical power outages. When the lights go out, the amount of air inside of the mattress will remain normalized.

In addition to these basic features, this mattress also has 10 comfort adjustment levels that you can access via the control device. For this reason, this is a good mattress for anyone looking for a maximized level of versatility. When it comes to weight capacity, this Masonair mattress can accommodate patients who are as heavy as 500 pounds.

The cycle time for a rotation is also adjustable; you can select intervals of 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes. The mattress is also equipped with sensors throughout its body, which allow it to adjust the settings to meet the needs of your loved one.


Finding the right air mattress for medical use for your loved one is crucial. Bedsores are very dangerous, so finding the right product to help reduce the incidence of this condition can keep them safe. Each of the products featured here is designed to keep bedridden individuals healthier, so retake a look at the guide on what to consider when purchasing this type. Also, take a look at our comparisons to find the product that might fit your needs the best.